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“Personal Best” Leadership Punch List

Do the “Five Things” the Best Leaders Do and Succeed

The Leadership Problem/Opportunity:  Although the research is clear about what the Best Leaders do to succeed, leadership success is usually, falsely attributed to personality, education, upbringing, charisma, and intelligence.  The same research, duplicated repeatedly, has identified the Five Things the Best Leaders Do, while also finding absolutely no correlation between the attributes just listed and success. Maybe you should find a way to chart out how you will do the Five Things before you start your next project or initiative, and then make sure you do them along the way, turning them into habits when you do.

“Personal Best” Leadership Punch List: This tool turns the Five Things into a Punch List, just like builders do to plan out their work and to hold themselves accountable for to getting them done.  You’ll use this tool to do the same to plan out how you will lead yourself through the challenge of leading your team to a successful conclusion.  Checklists and Punch Lists Work.  Use this one to increase your chances for success and to help people follow your lead.

Here’s how to use it:  

  • Familiarize yourself with the “Five Things” in the first column: If necessary, pick up a copy of The Leadership Challenge, by Jim Kouzes and Barry Posner to gain a deeper understanding of each “Thing”
      1. Challenge the Process,
      2. Inspire a Shared Vision,
      3. Enable Others To Act,
      4. Model the Way, and
      5. Encourage the Heart.
  • Review all of the prompts in the Second Column:
    • Use the prompts to think through some actions specific to each Thing
    • Decide which ones would best accomplish each Thing
  • Turn the actions into a Punch List by listing them in the Third Column
    • Use the Punch List to make sure you each of the Things effectively, checking off actions as they are completed and/repeated
    • If better actions develop along the way, add them to the Punch List
  • Debrief after completion of the project or initiative to evaluate how well you and your team did
  • Until this becomes a habit, integrate the Punch List into the process of planning and completing every project and initiative your team takes on

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