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Download the Multiplier Mindset Tally Sheet

 Multiplier Mindset Tally Sheet

Are You Aware of When You are “Multiplying” or “Diminishing?”

The Hard Parts About Becoming an Multiplier:  Usually it’s not a problem of intent, it’s problem of awareness. Your time as a leader is jammed up, one thing after another.  You are moving too fast to notice what is “multiplying” or “diminishing” the people you are working with on an opportunities and problems.  Your rank makes it hard too.  It’s hard for your team to speak up about your “multiplying” or “diminishing” interactions.

The Multiplier Mindset Tally Sheet:  This is a tool that will bring to your attention your “multiplying” and “diminishing” actions.  You will become aware of your tendencies, be able to make amends/improvements to your  “diminishing” moves, and multiply your own “multiplying” moves.  It’s a tally sheet, that will help you become a multiplier.

Here’s how to use it:

  • Print out a copy of the Multiplier Mindset Tally Sheet. Put it on your desk or in the portfolio you carry with you. Place it prominently so you can’t ignore it.
  • Pull it out at regular intervals during the day and tally up your Multiplier and Diminsher Moves.
    • Mid-Morning, Mid-Day, Mid-Afternoon, End of the Day (rhythm that fits)
    • Additionally, do it after a team meeting or important one-on-one.
    • Reflect on the conversations you had during the time period or meeting
    • Put tick marks in the box that reflects each “multiplying” or “diminishing” move you’ve made
  • At the end of the day, review the Tally Sheet and ask yourself the following questions
    • Are their any Multiplier Boxes that are empty or have very fewer tick marks?
    • Which Moves, Multiplier or Diminisher, are most prevalent?
    • Are there any events or particular persons tied to a Move that is a pattern?
  • Do something about it, commit to changing your behavior
    • With Multiplier Moves, think through how to do more with everyone
    • With Diminisher Moves, think through alternatives moves that wouldn’t diminish
    • Mend relationships with those who have been diminished.
  • Repeat this for a week until you have a handle on it. Come back a month later and test yourself
  • Use it as a Teambuilding Exercise at a Team Meeting
    • Hand it out to everyone at the beginning of the meeting, explain it’s purpose.
    • Everyone keep score
      • On each other, or
      • Everyone scores you
    • Debrief in a judgment free way, commit to improvements

The School of Rock & Sand offers a class called Leadership 1, 2, 3.  It teaches the “Multiplier Effect” and other proven ways to be a Better Leader .

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