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One-Page Plans and Why They Work

“If you can’t get your instructions down on one piece of paper, it’s probably too complicated for anyone to follow.”

You might be familiar with one of these three one-page plans.

  • The One Page Strategic Plan (OPSP) by Verne Harnish(Scaling Up)
  • The Vision/Traction Organizer (V/TO) by Gino Wickman and EOS
  • The Agile Growth Roadmap by Gravitas Impact.
  • They are similar in nature and derived from the same “DNA”

Simplicity is easier to follow than complexity.

  • They clarify direction and communicate it to your entire team.
  •  Used effectively, your team will
    •  Align around and commit to the plan,
    •  Think for themselves while implementing their part of the plan,
    •  deliver results faster and better than before

My one-page plan is the Rock & Sand Strategic Plan. Although it’s not on one piece of paper (but it’s easier to use and allows for larger handwriting ;-).

  • It’s a communication and alignment tool.
    • Use it to document your strategic plan.
    • Share it with everyone on your team. Don’t hide it in a drawer.
      • It will guide them and enable them to make good decisions without you.
      • Include your team in it’s creation, It’s a team building tool too.

Print out the tool and get going.

The School of Rock & Sand teaches Strategy and Execution and how to create a great Rock & Sand Strategic Plan (or OPSP , V/TO , or Agile Growth Roadmap ).   Take A Look

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