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The Brand Promise Tool

Align Your Sales/Marketing Efforts Around Why Customers Are Really Buying

The Problem Most Firms Have Building Sales:  As owners and leaders of our companies, we naturally want to talk about why our product or service is great.  We are good at what we do, we have created a product or service that is better than the competition.  We want to tell people why, right?  However, it’s not why your customer is buying.  They are buying because of problems you product/service is solving, and usually it’s something deeper than the obvious need your product/service addresses.

The Brand Promise Tool:  When you work through this in tandem with the Deeper Dive Tool will help you define a “Brand Promise” that addresses the real reasons they want to buy, so that it catches their attention when they hear it and will want to learn more. It gets you out of  “Features and Benefits” or “Show Up and Throw Up” and will drive sales.

Here’s how to use it:

  • Review what you learned about your Core Customers when you used the Deeper Dive Tool. (if you haven’t completed a “Deeper Dive” go back to the Deeper Dive Lesson  and get it done.    
  • Write down the Following on a Flip Chart: My Company Promises You __________________.
    • Fill in the blank with a complete sentence, while resisting the urge to wrie a slogan.
    • Don’t use any statement that says how “good, better, best” you are, or any statement that talks about your company.
    • Fill in the blank with a statement that addresses their deeper needs and how they will do better. The Brand Promise should talk about them.
    • This is your Lead Promise. Write this in the Lead Promise Box
  • “The Lead Promise stands on the shoulders of the Secondary Promises.” These are promises you make that come with the Lead Promise, that prove you can deliver on it, or gives confidence that you can while providing additional value.
    • Feel free to have more than two secondary promises. Put them in the boxes on the tool, draw in additional boxes if needed
  • Give the completed tool to your marketing/sales team. Make your marketing and sales processes reflect these promises.
  • Wordsmith the Brand Promise: Get expert help if you don’t have it, to turn it into effective marketing materials.

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