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Don’t Just Share the Data, Share The Context, Generate Curiosity

The Context Problem/Opportunity:  We all know we should share the numbers the team, the numbers that tell us how we are doing, both collectively and individually.  We post them, look at them briefly, then move on back to the Sand they were pushing.  Most often, it’s because we are posting the numbers without any context, such as over time or in relation to other numbers that aren’t financial.  The team looks at them, but derives no meaning from them, no curiosity, no insight occurs and people go back to what they were doing.

The Context Creates Curiosity Tool:  This tools suggests a way to “do the numbers” with context, that will spark curiosity, then analysis, creating meaning and empowerment to everyone on the team.  Get the Tool Here

Here’s how to use it:

  • First identify some Outcome numbers, often financial ones, but could also be production numbers
    • They should be numbers that tell the team how well they did that day or week or month, depending on the rhythm of your business, and easily pulled and posted.
    • Post them next to each other as the tool indicates, each day, each week, or each month, again depending on the rhythm of your business.
    • My recommendation is do weekly or daily, not monthly. Business moves faster than months at a time.
  • Next identify Activity numbers, which or counts of the actions taken that deliver the outcomes.  
    • These are actions that when done or initiated add up to the outcomes, when not done the desired outcomes don’t come
    • They might be counts of items in the queue or a process that delivers the outcome. They might include measurements of quality, quantities of speed.
    • You might not be tracking these things, so get to work and figure it out.
    • Post them same way you posted the outcomes numbers, according to the rhythm of your business
  • Do the same with Market Numbers, with data that helps them understand the world
  • At your meeting post all the numbers at the same time in a format demonstrated in the tool
    • Better yet have the team member responsible for each specific number post the number
    • When posted and shared, teammates will start wondering why they turned out this way
    • Ask the questions, “What’s are the trends or spikes?” “How are we doing?”
  • Curiosity kicks in, meaning conveyed, empowerment starts.

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