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The Love and Loath Tool

Identify What Your People Love To Do.  Make Sure They Get To Do It.

 The Problem Everyone Has At Work: Employees don’t spend enough time doing what they love to do.  They end up spending time on things that they are either ambivalent about or absolutely hate doing.  Studies repeatedly show that employees, who spend at least 20% of their time doing something they love, are more engaged at work and produce more. If they get to spend 20% of their time on what they love to do, they can get through all the rest more easily.  It behooves you figure what each person loves to do then make sure they get to do it 20% of their time doing it.

The Love and Loath Tool:  This tool can help you figure out what people love to do and on spending at least 20% of their time doing it.  It also helps you figure what they hate to do, that someone else just might love doing.  From there, you have an opportunity to realign the work loads and the work flows so that everyone is more engaged, productive, and content at work.   

 Here’s how to use it: 

  • Request each member of your team to fill out the tool. Give them some time to work on it.
  • Have them review or present their completed tool
    • These can be individual meetings but I recommend doing this as a team
    • Each member presenting their tool to the group
    • Listen intently to what is presented.
  • Facilitate a discussion that identifies and charts out what each person loves and loathes doing.
    • As a team, think through how to shift work around so that everyone ends up working on things they love to do at least 20% of the time.
      • Check in regularly to insure everyone is getting 20%
    • Pay close attention to things that people loath doing. Chances are, someone else on the team loves to do some of these things. Reallocate appropriately if possible
    • If there are things that everyone loathes doing,,,,
      • Make sure everyone gets their fair share of it.
      • Find ways to automate it or make it less painful.
      • Add someone to the team who loves this stuff.
    • Rinse and Repeat every ninety days.

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