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The Talent Inventory Tool

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The Gateway Tool to Understanding How To Improve Your Team

The Problem Most Firms Have Growing Team:  Every Owner, CEO, Team Leader I know, wants a team full of “A Players.” Who wouldn’t want team of “A Players?” Life would be so much easier, right?  But’s it’s not like there’s a store you can go to and pick “A Players” off a shelf and hire them.  Do we even know what an “A Player” is supposed to accomplish for us?  If not how would we know if we have and “A Players” on your team.

The Talent Inventory Tool:  This tool is a two-for-one tool.  It will help you understand what “A, B, and C Players” are so you can start defining what that looks like in your company.  It will also help you sort out how many “A Players” you currently have and how much work is ahead of you to get to 80% “A Players” on your team, which is a goal you should set for yourself if you want to have a great team that will unleash growth.

Here’s how to use it:

  • Print out the Tool and review the scales of the two axises on the tool and learn what the definitions of “A, B, B/C, and C Players are:
    • A Players = team members who are Very Productive and live the Core Values of you organization
    • B Players = team members who live your Core Values and most likely can become Very Productive with education, training, and coaching
    • C Players = team members who don’t live your Core Values and aren’t ever going to be Productive
    • A/C Players = team members who are Very Productive but roll over everyone in the process because they don’t/won’t live the Core Values of your company. Often dangerous to the company because they demoralize everyone else. We’ll need to talk about these players.
    • A, B, C, A/C designations apply only to the position each person currently has.
  • Pencil in the initials of each one of your direct reports in the square that applies to them in their current position. If your company is smaller do the same with all employees
    • Do the math to calculate the % of “A Players currently on your team.
    • Create a plan for each of the A, B, and B/C that will get them to “A” of help them remain an “A.”
    • Get the C Players into positions that they can become an “A” or get them out of the company
  • Recognize that there is a lot to do to accomplish 80% “A Players” this tool covers, commit to getting as many of your team to “A” as possible, and invest in learning how to do the rest.   

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