Custom Speeches, Workshops, and Webinars

Motivating speeches, workshops and webinars, without being “motivational.” 

They motivate because they are content driven, they simplify the understanding of complex concepts in memorable ways, and provide practical practices to put the content to work.  They also will probably make you laugh.

  • Strategy is Not What “You” Think? It’s What “Others” Think. –I use my Rock & Sand Model™ to explain the basics of strategy and execution and bridge the gap between them. Simultaneously I illustrate how good strategy becomes great strategy when the creation of it includes what “others” are thinking; your team, your customers, your vendors/suppliers, your customers, in addition to your own.  I go further with real case studies that illustrate how you bring this thinking into the process and results derived from them.  This topic works equally well as a Speech, Workshop, or Webinar, with the latter ones being more interactive and hands on.
  • It’s not about the about the Beer: Why do customers buy, and why do they come back? Do you really think Norm Peterson, arguable the most loyal fictional customer of all time, comes back to Cheers every day because of the beer.  Just like Norm, the excellent features and benefits of you product/service and how you deliver it are only a small reason your customers buy or come back.  I use Norm and Cheers (I wrote a book their relationship) to get us started, dig into the “buying process” which I call “Two Funnels and a Tunnel,” explain how to go beyond demographics to understand the real reasons buy, both the first time and all the next times.  And finally introduce ideas on what you can do about this.  This works equally well as a speech, workshop, or webinar.  And gets pretty darn silly.
  • Just One Season: Leadership Lessons from my Season as a High School Track Coach in Southwest Detroit.  A true story, from 40 years ago, of a misfit (me) leading a track team of misfits to victory, overcoming unusual adversity along the way: poverty, racism, no track, no equipment, no experience, no support.  The story illustrates the research proven principles of The Leadership Challenge (Kouzes and Posner) Multipliers (Liz Wiseman) and Nine Lies about Work (Marcus Buckingham).  You’ll get the “whys”, but more importantly the “whats” of leading wrapped up in a warm inspiring story of a first time coach leading a team of first time runners.  It’s an inspiring speech, closest I’ve got to a motivational presentation.  Can be an effective webinar or workshop for the aspiring leaders and those struggling with it.
  • The 1% Solution: Find more cash in your business without having to change your model.  Cash Flow is the CEO’s responsibility not the CFO’s.  This workshop or webinar will guide you to managing your cash better, so you don’t have to experience surprise cash crunches.  We’ll start out with tactics to get the  people on your team, the ones who really know how the cash is spent or wasted, involved in managing the cash.  Next we’ll work through some “back of the envelop math” to demystify cash flow and find where it is parked hidden from your eyes in your business so you can go get it.  Finally we’ll take a look at your Cash Conversion Cycle to explore ways to speed up your processes that generate cash and profitability.  Your banker and CFO will be thrilled with what you have learned.  It’s a workshop or webinar, as it’s so hands on.

I can cover and present on much more than this.  Give me an idea of what you’re looking for (what you want to convey/address and we’ll make it happen, I do custom sessions on all of the 7 Attributes of Agile Growth™, all the time.  They are just as compelling as the items listed above.

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