Executive Coaching for C-Level Executives and Owners

Personal coaching for executives struggling with communication, leadership, and accountability with their teams.

Who it’s For

Are you feeling less than effective as leader? Are decisions becoming more difficult? Feeling a need to  tap into an objective and outside sounding board?  Feeling a bit alone? Want to develop better ways to approach your responsibilities as CEO?   

How it Works

  • Six to eight sessions in a weekly or bi- weekly rhythm.
  • You talk. I listen. I share perspectives on what works and doesn’t. Together we decide on forward progress. I check on it in the next session. 
  • Reveals the strengths, weaknesses and assets of one’s leadership and communication dynamics.
  • Short or longer term. 
  • It’s not a substitute for therapy.  

What it Does For Your Business

It will reveal the gaps between 1. What you know. 2. What you don’t know. and 3. What you don’t know you don’t know. You’ll fill in gaps or find others to fill them, becoming a more effective leader and communicator.  Your performance will improve, improving the performance of the company.  

Executive Coaching Reviews

You’re a good sounding board and confidante, it’s good to be able to talk to you about things I can’t talk about with my team. You are transparent and direct and I appreciate that.

Matt Patrick

CEO, Patrick Accounting