Frontline and Mid Management Sessions

Live Start, Stop, and Keep sessions that collect staff input better than any survey ever will.

Who it’s For

Are you feeling like your frontline or mid managers are just going through the motions?  That you would like to tap into more deeply into their experience and ideas?  That you would like them to be more engaged in the success of the company, other than just getting the work done and collecting a paycheck?  

How it Works

  • Without senior leadership present, participants are formed in to small cross functional teams to complete a SWOT (Strength, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats) Analysis.
  • In each step they present their findings to other teams.
  • Upon completion of the SWOT, each team completes a list of recommendations for the senior leadership team to consider,
  • Senior leadership returns and each team presents their SWOT and recommendations.
  • Senior leadership takes the reports into their next strategic planning session to include in the creation of a Baseline Growth Roadmap™ that moves the company forward.


What it Does For Your Business

Beyond the value of the deep insights actionalble items you’ll gain from this session.  you’ll get benefits you might not get any other way. 

    • Frontline / middle management engagement in the company’s future. 
    • Teambuilding and bonding between each the participants and the senior leaders of the company.
    • Identification of emerging leaders to develop for the good of the company.