Rock & Sand™ / 7 Attributes of Agile Growth™

Coaching engagements that fully install and integrate the two models to best fit your unique organization.

Who it’s For

Do you think your team is doing okay, but feel like they are missing the mark both on strategy and execution?  Do you feel a need to re-examine both the foundations of you organization’s strategy and how the leadership team works together to gets things done?

How it Works

  • The engagement begins with a two-day working session (or equivalent) introducing proven concepts outlined in Rock & Sand while simultaneously creating a Baseline Growth Roadmap™ that your organization can start working from immediately. The session introduces the Strategy”and Execution Attributes of the 7 Attributes Model™ and begins the process of aligning your team and unleashing growth.
  • The engagement continues for the next three to four quarters, with one-day working sessions at the beginning of each quarter to build out more of the Baseline Growth Roadmap™ for the next 90 days. Additionally, other elements of the 7 Attributes Model™ (Leadership, Talent, Customer, Systems, and Profit) are introduced and integrated into your organization to match the opportunities and obstacles uncovered as you proceed through each quarter.
  • Between each quarterly session, a minimum of two check-in coaching sessions (by video conference or in person when possible) are scheduled with the CEO to ensure accountability and to advise on other items that come up prior the next quarterly meeting.
  • On retainer for phone, email, and text exchanges with all members of your leadership team during the quarter.


What it Does For Your Business

It ensures the company is on a sound and achievable growth trajectory. It’s a thorough reboot of the company by taking what’s good, building on it, redefining the “Why, How, and What,” setting the future, and aligning execution so the team delivers growth.

Rock & Sand/7 Attributes ​Reviews

Michael, you suggest good ideas for us to consider and implement, and you facilitate the discussion of the ideas and concepts well, without being prescriptive.  You don’t force it on us.  You help us figure out what to do and how to do it, the way it works for us. 

It creates alignment as staff and as a leadership team.  The alignment drives continous improvement.  Communication is better.

We’re more efficient as a team.  We produce a higher quatlity of work.  We’re heading off bad quality before it happens.

I would tell someone considering Michael as a coach, he would get good ideas, much better communications, and performance improvement as a result.

This improvement on Communication really adds value, we keep getting better and better.

Trotter Hunt

Vice President, Hunt, Guillot & Associates

  • Working with Michael gets us out our rut, the day to day grind, and elevates us to thinking strategically. For example, our sales process is no longer reactive to the downstream activities of our business, it’s focused on the upstream opportunities.  We are planning our work better and reaping the rewards of it.  We are in the hunt and landing projects that we would have struggled landing before, projects that wouldn’t have existed for us before. With bigger margins.  We have better relationships with our core customers than before, and we are in the drivers seat.  
  • We’re also more accountable to each other to make sure we work these relationships effectively. 
  • I would tell any once considering working with Michael the following:
    • He got us to step back and think bigger about our business, looking to do business in better ways
    • He increased our confidence. 
    • He cut through the white noise
    • He’ll help you figure out how to do it better–we couldn’t do it ourselves. 
    • He gets things on the agenda and we are more intentional about our future
  • Our suppliers are happy, Our market share has grown.  We are getting shots at home runs, not just singles.    
David George

Managing Partner, Mills Wilson George