Rock & Sand™ CEO/Owner Coaching

For the CEO / owner with the do-it-yourself attitude, or the CEO / owner of a very small organization

Who it’s For

Are you a CEO/owner with the do-it-yourself attitude, or the CEO/owner of a very small organization?


How it Works

  • Six one-on-one coaching sessions with the CEO/owner that work him/her through the Rock & Sand concepts and the facilitation of the creation of Baseline Growth Roadmap™ that their team can buy into and follow.
  • Each session is at least one hour in length. Homework between sessions.
  • On retainer for phone, email, and text exchanges between the six sessions.


What it Does For Your Business

You will be energized and be able to explain and the path forward for your organization and “Why, How, and What” of getting there.  

CEO/Owner Coaching Reviews

Michael’s ability to dig in and get us focused when so many balls are in the air and we are having trouble staying focused has been extremely beneficial. He get’s us thinking strategically. It’s helped us pick out the next Rock and move it through to completion, setting us up for 10X growth in the future. Michael is easy to talk to and quickly grasped the dynamics of our business, and that allowed us to dig into growth concepts that matched our exact situation. Michael pushed us to know our business better and use that understanding to establish a growth plan specific to our business model and define key indicators that truly mattered to us to help track the progress.


Daniel Hill

President, GeoStar Technologies