Rock & Sand™ CEO/Owner Engagement

Are you a Do-It-Yourselfer (DIY) CEO, who wants to lead the strategic thinking/execution planning session yourself, or are you in a small enough company that a leadership team doesn’t really exist yet need a good strategic plan?

In this option I either work with you to teach/coach you how to create a BASELINE Growth Roadmap™ with your team, using he Rock & Sand Model™, or we work together to pound out the Roadmap together, just you and I.

Either way you get:

  • A well thought out BASELINE Growth Roadmap™ that will be the foundation of growth
  • An aligned and engaged team.
  • A sounding board that makes sure you get it right.

My clients who have engaged me this way, say it lifts them out of the weeds, and helps them stay out of them.  It helps them think bigger, see things that they missed before and increased their their leadership ability.

Work togehter?