Rock & Sand™ Installation Session(s)

Coaching to get your organization thinking and then acting strategically to deliver growth

Who it’s For

Are you feeling good about your team’s ability to execute, but not sure you are executing in the right direction? A Rock & Sand Installation Session gets your team thinking strategically together and engaging them in creation of plan they will be committed to executing.

How it Works

It’s a two-day working session (or equivalent) introducing the proven concepts outlined in Rock & Sand while simultaneously creating a Baseline Growth Roadmap that your organization can start working from immediately.  The session introduces the Strategy and Execution Attributes of the 7 Attributes Model, aligning the team and unleashing growth.

Preparation, opst work, and a month of follow up included to make sure your team gets off to a good start.


What it Does For Your Business

This will re-energize your team, and get them and your whole organization aligned and pointed in the right direction.

Installation Session Reviews

It was a pleasant collaborative experience working with Michael.  We were able to make good, data driven decisions, following his good, sound process.

We achieved clarity on what we need to work on to improve.  He helped us resolve an important question we needed to process to go forward.  Furthermore, he  allowed our senior leaders to arrive at these decisions together, giving us unity going forward.  We’ll be more focused on growth, which should lead to more business

Michael knows what he’s doing, he uses a well-tested process that delivers results.  No kumbaya with Mike, strictly business.

Alan Crone

Founder, The Crone Law Firm

It was a great experience having Michael lead us through our recent strategic planning sessions. It was fun and very productive. It’s going to help us stay aligned around the important priorities and the meeting rhythm we are going to implement is going to keep me out of the weeds. It’s going to help me empower others to move our company forward.

We are more focused, we’ll stay focused on the right things, and I will be able to work on the big picture items that I will lead our company towards, one of which is eliminating the silos.

As a result our customers will have a better customer experience and when that happens the money stuff will take care of itself.

When you engage Michael, you’ll be forced to think better and bigger and be able to organize your actions accordingly.

Brian Schaffler

President, Gorham Schaffler