Rock & Sand™ Strategic Thinking / Execution Planning Engagement

This is a standalone engagment using the Rock & Sand Model™ to leads a CEO and their leadership team through the creation of a Baseline Growth Roadmap™. It will pull the team together, align them around a solid plan, and introduce them to the foundational Attributes of the 7 Attributes of Agile Growth™,  Strategy and Execution.

  • Defines the Cores of the Company: Purpose, Values, Customer, Brand Promise and Strengths
  • Establishes Three Year Targets (3HAG), Bridges to the Targets (areas of emphasis or major chess moves), One Year Goals and Initiatives, 90 Day Actions and Rocks
  • Connects Strategy to the Actions needed to move the company forward and gets the company out our shoveling the sand.

Perfectly fits several situations:

  • You have a strong leadership team that executes well, and you want to engage them in the creation of a Strategic Plan to get a higher level of alignment and engagement from them.
  • You’re ready to start on Strategy Thinking and Execution Planning, but are hesitant to commit right now to an annual engagement to sort out other opportunities.
  • You have an annual leadership team retreat on the calendar and want a more memorable and engaging session than you have expereinced then before.

Clients that have engaged me in all cases say this exceeds their expectations, unleashing growth and collaboration than has been hard to unleash before.  It’s a great value, that many extend by engaging me for additional sessions.

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