school of rock and sand

A Core Curriculum for Owners/CEOs designed to Create Clarity and Confidence and Facilitate the Growth of your Organization, Leadership Team, and You.  

Master Classes in:

    • Strategy and Execution,
    • Leadership,
    • Talent Development,
    • Customer Experience,
    • Cash Flow. 

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What Do I Get With a Subscription?

When you sign up for a Rock & Sand subscription, you’ll get 24/7 access to the entire curriculum. Learn at your own pace, on your own schedule. In addition, you’ll have access to all new content as it becomes available.

overview of rock and sand model

The Rock & Sand Model WKNO-PBS special is a perfect introduction to what strategic planning is all about and the whys and hows of how strategic plans work.

It’s an online  class, complete with study/notetaking guides to help you retain what you learn. It’s perfect for teaching your team the fundamentals of strategy and execution to get them thinking strategically together.

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rock and sand master class

Do you need to create a fully functional, agile strategic plan for your organization? This class teaches you how to do it and leads you through the facilitation process of creating a Great Strategic Plan that won’t sit on the shelf and your team will actually execute. All the concepts and tools are fully explained, with tips on facilitation. The end product is pretty damn good strategic plan that you will act on immediately.

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Do you want customers that will come back and/or tell others about you? Then you will have to understand what they are thinking and feeling as the are deciding to buy and deciding to stay.  It’s not a sales process or a service process, it’s a buying and staying process.  This course will improve how you both sell and serve your customers so that they willingly come back and promote you to others.


cash is king

Cash is the gas that fuels your growth. Find more and grow it. Without enough it, growth becomes more difficult. Learn how to improve things right away, over the next 90 days, and over the next year to create more cash and get to it faster. All it takes is Common sense, junior high math skills, and the will to build a your balance sheet, into “a fortress.” 

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core customer and brand promise

Leading is something everyone will eventually have to do. Good leaders do the same things, albeit with different styles, personalities, and backgrounds. Leadership 1:  Learn what all good leaders do.  Leadership 2:  Learn to be great at it by making your people smarter.  Leadership 3.  Learn how teams learn to lead themselves.

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Talent Development is crucial to growth, With out it, you outgrow your team (outkick your coverage). Conversely when you develop the talent on your team, it unleashes growth.  Either way talent development matters.  Take this class to develop the talent on your team so they can keep up with grow, or generate growth.

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What Do I Get as a Rock & Sand Approved Provider?

Become one of our approved providers and use our classes and content in your coaching, consulting, or training practice. Revenue sharing for classes sold.  You’ll get a downloadable seal of approval you can use in you marketing. Approved coaches receive full access to the entire Rock & Sand curriculum.