Explore The School of Rock & Sand, a digital classroom offering online multimedia classes that help you address the complexities of the growth.

Based on the Rock & Sand Model™ (Strategy and Execution) and all things supporting successful strategic thinking and execution.  Five classes are available right now, more in development.

Ask about “Ride-Along Coaching” to make sure you get things right and holds you accountable for implementing it effectively.

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Overview of the Rock & Sand Model — PBS Special

The Rock & Sand Model WKNO-PBS special is a perfect introduction to what strategic planning is all about and the whys and hows of how strategic plans work.

It’s been converted into an online video class, complete with study/notetaking guides to help you retain what you learn. It’s even better when you have your team watch it together to learn the fundamentals of strategy and execution to get them thinking strategically.

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The Rock & Sand Model Master Class–Master the Process, Create a Great Strategic Plan

Do you want to lead your team through the creation of a fully functional, agile strategic plan?  This class teaches you how to do it and leads you through the process with your team. It creates a Great Strategic Plan that you will actually execute. All the concepts and all the tools, fully explained, with advice on how to best faciliate. Your end product will be a pretty damn good Growth Roadmap that will align your team and release growth. You will be able to act on the day you complete the class.

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Core Customer and Brand Promise: Connected at the Hip, They Define Your Strategy

Focus on figure out the relationship between your Core Customer(and why they buy) and the Brand Promise that catches their attention.  It’s a weakness in most businesses and strategic plans.  The class gets you to dig deeper, beyond demographics of your Core Customers, and shows you how to a Brand Promise that reflects what really matters to them.  Get this right and your marketing efforts will connect to your customers, and your sales process will fit why they buy.  No more pitching.

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Cash is King: Improve Cash Flow, Turn your Balance Sheet Into a Fortress.

Without enough cash, strategy is limited and growth is difficult.  Learn tactics to improve things right away, find hidden cash over the next 90 days, and improve your business model over the next year to create more cash and get to it faster.  Common sense, junior high math skills and the will to build a stronger balance sheet, “a fortress,” is all it takes.  Cash is the gas in that fuels your economic engine.  Find more and grow it.

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Critical Numbers:  Two Ways They Work–Why They Work, How You Should Use Them

Critical Numbers are the way to measure both the outcomes you want and the activities that drive them. Learn how to create them and apply them, not only make improvements to the financial standing of your organization, but also to make sure you move the “Rocks”  you need to move to enable the growth you want.

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More Courses in Development