Ways To Engage


Ways To Engage

It starts with a conversation.  It always starts with a conversation.  

  • First we’ll talk about what we need to figure out, fix, implement, tackle together, through coaching, and discuss your cash position.
  • Next we’ll discuss and decide on the outcomes we’ll want to achieve, and create a specific coaching plan to bring clarity to the complexity that we are addressing.
  • Finally, we’ll set a fee that you feel is fair and affordable and set the terms of payment accordingly.

The Rock & Sand Model™, the Baseline Growth Roadmap™ (formerly the One-Page Strategic Plan), and the Essential Elements of the Rock & Sand Model™  are proven frameworks we’ll use (with others) to lead you through the challenges you face.

Here are some Ways To Engage, but you aren’t restricted to these.  Let’s engage in a conversation to determine your exact needs and an way to engage that works for you.


Rock & Sand™ Engagements

Annual Engagement and Retreats that introduce the Rock & Sand Model™ to your team as a means for creating a great strategic plan to follow and a process for making it come to fruition. These engagements entail much more than strategy and execution, they will also address the obstacles and opportunities you encounter along the way.

The School of Rock & Sand

Executive Education/Development that works. Online, interactive classes that teach what you need to know, use tools to make it work in your company, and direct you on how to turn around and teach/facilitate with your leadership team.  Self paced and great for the DIYer mindset.

Business Tune-Ups

“In and Out” Coaching sessions that address specific obstacles and opportunities you find yourself facing.  Leadership/Teamwork, Talent Development, Customer Dynamics, Cash Flow, Process Thinking.  Whatever it is that is getting in the way of growth that you want to sort out and improve.

“Ride-Along” Coaching

A new/practical model for coaching.  Take a class, any class, from the School of Rock & Sand. I ride-along with you in concurrent one-on-one sessions to make sure you get it right,  Tutoring that builds your confidence.

One-on-One CEO/Owner Coaching

For the CEO/owner with the do-it-yourself attitude, or the CEO/owner of a smaller organization. On a retained basis, we’ll meet regularly to work on what you need to work on. Strategy, Execution, Customer Dynamics, Leadership/Teamwork, Talent/Organization Development, Cash and Profitability,

Frontline / Mid Management Engagements

Live Start, Stop, and Keep / SWOT Engagements for front-line / middle managers that connect them and their input to you more fully than any survey ever could.


Speeches, Workshops, and Webinars

Meaningful and motivating presentations/content for organizations of CEOs, Owners, Executives, and Leaders wanting ways to improve their strategic thinking, customer understanding, and leadership effectiveness.


Get Practical Insights for Growing Your Business

Michael Synk’s latest book is available to ship or download today.

Rock & Sand by Michael Synk is model, a book and a school that serve as “The Bridge Between Strategy and Action” enabling you to uncover opportunities and the means for acting on them, while creating the team alignment necessary for unleashing growth.