Starting Points

I’m happiest when I bring clarity to confusion and complexity. I live to help leaders figure things out, learn the next big thing, and implement their decisions successfully.

Here’s what we’ll cover in our first conversation:

  • First we’ll talk about what your cash position is, and what we can be tackled together through coaching
  • Next we’ll discuss and decide on the outcomes we’ll want to achieve, and create a specific coaching plan to accomplish them
  • Finally, we’ll set a fee that you feel is fair and affordable and set the terms of payment accordingly.

The Rock & Sand Model™, the Agile Growth Roadmap™ (formerly the One-Page Strategic Plan), and the 7 Attributes of Agile Growth™ are proven frameworks we’ll be using (and others) to lead you through the challenges you face.

Typical Coaching Plans fall into one ot the boxes you see below, but don’t feel we are restricted to these.

Schedule a Conversation?

Rock & Sand™ / 7 Attributes of Agile Growth™ Annual Engagement 

Annual Coaching Engagements that fully install and integrate the two models to best fit your unique organization

7 Attributes of Agile Growth™ Tune-Ups

In-and-Out Team Engagements to introduce one of the 7 Attributes of Agile Growth™ to brush up, tune up, install or create a breakthrough for your organization

Rock & Sand™ Strategic Thinking / Execution Planning Engagements 

Coaching Engagements that creates a bridge for your team that connects strategic thinking to action 

Frontline / Mid Management Engagements

Live Start, Stop, and Keep / SWOT Engagements for the frontline / middle managers that connect them and their input to you more fully than any survey ever could

Rock & Sand™ CEO/Owner Engagement

Designed for the Do It Yourselt CEO / Owner of smaller organizations, working one-on-one together to create a plan for self implementation with their team

Executive Coaching for C-Level Executives / Owners

Personal Coaching for Executives struggling with communication, leadership, and accountability with their teams

Custom Speeches, Workshops, Webinars, and Facilitation

Meaningful and motivating presentations/content for organizations of CEOs, Owners, Executives, and Leaders wanting ways to improve their strategic thinking, customer understanding, and leadership effectiveness.

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