7 Attributes of Agile Growth™ Tune-Ups

In-and-out coaching engagements to brush up, tune up, or create a breakthrough change in one of the elements of the 7 Attributes of Agile Growth™.

Who it’s For

Even though you feel you have a strong strategy, is there something in your organization that’s just not going right?  Have you identified a recurring hiccup in the organizaion?  A process that is less than optimal? A talent problem of some sort? The team communication is fractured?  The sales and marketing efforts aren’t paying off as anticipated?  Cash is tight even if profitable?  And you want to fix it?

How it Works

A Tune-Up is focused on one of The 7 Attributes of Agile Growth™.

      • Leadership.
      • Strategy.
      • Talent.
      • Customer.
      • Systems.
      • Execution.
      • Profit.

What it Does For Your Business

Think of it like taking your car to the mechanic when something sounds funny and it isn’t running as well as you know it should.  A tune up digs into a specific attribute, tightens it up, improves it, and/or re-engineers it so your company gets back to running well.  It also provides education on proven methodology, facilitaties how you will apply it to your specific situation, and creates a plan to make sure you implement improvements.

Tune-Up Reviews

Infoplus is a better company today having enlisted the help of Michael and In-Synk. We brought Michael in to review our business development process and help us re-confirm our brand message and promise. After spending a day on site with us, Michael was able to guide us through the process of developing a message and process that has taken our business development to even greater heights. His continued guidance and ongoing communications are an asset as we consider Michael an extension of our team here at Infoplus. I have nothing but high praise for Michael and In-Synk.

James Maes

CEO, InfoPlus Software

  • With ease and effectiveness, Michael Synk helped us drill down within our company and helped us pull out Brand Promise that will help us grow.  Michael was enlightening, and we learned alot about our ourselves and it wasn’t painful.
  • This is going ot help us be better at communicating the true and actual value we bring our clients.  We’ll be much more effective and more on point.
  • We’ll be able to generate a lot more interest with new clients and land more profitable business for our company.
  • Michael is intelligent, professional, smart, knowledgeable, and fun.  Our time with him was inspiring and it created clarity about going forward that we wouldn’t have been able to achieve on our own.
Walker Robbins

President, Jim Robbins and Associates