EXPERTISE and PASSION took your team to where you are right now. WHAT'S NEXT?


What are the CHALLENGES and COMPLEXITIES you are facing RIGHT NOW that you need to WORK THROUGH and OVERCOME?


Let's "Connect" your EXPERIENCE AND PASSION, with my expertise, and SORT OUT the COMPLEXITIES, and FIND THE WAY FORWARD.



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The Essential Elements of the Rock & Sand Model™

  • Strategy • Can your team state your unique and value-driven market position?
  • Execution • Do you have a visible, measurable set of priorities with action plans?
  • Leadership •  Are you leaders authentic, healthy and aligned? Do they know how to lead?
  • Engaged Talent • Is your team engaged at a high level? Are they “Multiplied”
  • Customer Dynamics• Do you have a compelling customer promise and referral lifecycle?
  • Cash and Profits •  Are your profits turning into the cash that fuels your the growth?
  • Systems •  Do understand the systems that drive the success of your organization?

Get Practical Insights for Growing Your Business

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Rock & Sand by Michael Synk is a business book and online class that serves as “The Bridge Between Strategy and Action” for an organization where they are able to uncover opportunities and the means for acting on them, while creating the team alignment necessary for unleashing growth.